1-2 Dyonisou, 8041 Kato Paphos, Cyprus


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Welcome to Gourmet Taverna…

For us, running a local restaurant is much more than simply a profession. It is more than simply cooking and serving food. It is passion; it is inspiration. Inspired by the greatest chefs and hosts of all – our mom and dad – who taught us that a culinary experience means that a great meal is more than just good food, and that good service is more than just a genuine smile and attention to detail; it can be a gateway to the heart.

Our love and knowledge for the authentic Cypriot & Greek cuisine and Mediterranean tastes, as well as our passion for new sights, smells and tastes, have created a yearning to enrich traditional recipes and excite your palate with gourmet senses and flavours which go beyond the usual. Simple but Gourmet, by using the freshest ingredients and most unique flavours, we deliver food as it should be. Food should taste good; food should feel good. Founded in 1987 and named after our father “Charlie’s place”, our Taverna became our second home, and as we all grew, we later upgraded Charlie’s place to Gourmet Taverna in 2005.

Today, working in a more contemporary scheme, while maintaining our style and our warm atmosphere, we still deliver the taste, the freshness, the difference.

Gourmet Taverna has maintained its excellent reputation and astonishing reviews all these years due to our customers’ satisfaction and loyalty, as we continually strive to exceed their expectations through great food, personal care and exceptional service. Our strong culture, our shared purpose and values are also a key to our success. After all, it is all about teamwork, honesty, fun and sharing experiences as we all grow together.

Mission& Vision

Our Mission

To deliver to our customers inspired dishes focusing on flavor and quality in a clean, warm and stylish atmosphere through exceptional service and personal care and create memories worth repeating and sharing.

Our Vision

To continue being one of the favourite restaurants for both our customers and our team members. To continuously educate ourselves in the food and beverage industry and maintain a strong culture of an efficient and profitable business and be able to give back to our community.